Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Earth Fare Printable Coupons

Earth Fare has some great printable coupons available at their site HERE.  Eating healthy can be more expensive, but coupons combined with sales can make it much easier to shop on a budget and stick to a healthy eating lifestyle! 

Some of the coupons you can print there are:
$1.50 off any Earth Fare Natural Tray Pack or Deli Cooked Rotisserie Chicken
$0.60 off any Jar of 7J Ranch Garden Reserve Salsa
$1.00 off any one box of Cascadian Farm Granola Bars
$1.00 off Blue Diamond Products
$1.00 off Earth Fare Bacon
$1.00 off Grande Tortilla Chips
And Many, Many More. Check out the site and print away!

Blog Hop Thursday 7/22 edition

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

Hi Everyone, Thanks for visiting my site. I am participating in this blog hop hosted by
bassgiraffe’s Thoughts You can visit that site to participate as well!  If you are new to my site, I blog about my life and this weightloss journey I am on.

I recently took a month off after losing 12 pounds, and I didn't gain it back! I am back in the game again and hope to see the scale to continue to go down! I have 48 pounds to go to reach my goal.

You can follow me in the journey as well!  I also blog about great deals on healthy foods so that you can diet on a budget!  If you follow me, leave me a comment so I can do the same!  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday Weekly Weigh In 7/21/10

This is the first weigh in I have had in 4 weeks! The last weigh in was on June 23rd. Many things have kept me busy, which I knew they would, so I didn't post on this site, nor did I really worry about my diet or exercise. I took a short break, which ended up being a month, and I am ready to start again! Though I was not worrying about my diet so much, I didn't go and eat anything and everything in site! But I did not  count any calories at all and there were many fast food trips and a couple of grill outs that I attended. There have been many sno cones and Ice creams bought and I haven't cooked the healthiest of dinners lately. I haven't took my daily walk/jog in a month either! My body has been craving it, but I just never made myself do it. I haven't been very active at all and found myself feeling very sluggish this month. I think I have sabotaged everything I have accomplished, but I could not bring myself to get on the scale to check!

I knew a few days ago that today would be the day that I start back on my calorie counting and walking, and I have been scared to know the damage I have done from taking a month off. I started my journey May 11th at 189.6 lbs and as my last weigh in on June 23rd, I weighed 177.2, having me lose 12.5 lbs.  That was the most success I have had in any of my weightloss attempts in the past. I had set a mini goal to be 179lbs by July 12th and I had reached it in June.

I was so nervous this morning for the weigh in. Giving my past history of dieting and then stopping I figured I would have gained it back, or at the very least be in the 180's again. But I took a deep breath and got on the scale this morning to find this:

I only gained  0.4 lbs in a month! I am still within my mini goal! I haven't sabotaged myself at all!
It is such a relief and I am so excited to be starting again without having to lose pounds that I put back on.

I really don't understand it, Maybe whatever I was doing before kicked my metabolism into  gear and allowed me to burn what I was eating the way its supposed to. The only thing I continued to do during my break, was drink a 16.9oz bottle of the Lipton Diet Sparkling Green Tea everyday. So whether that had a little part in my metabolism I don't know. I'm just very happy! 

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I am a stay at home Wife and Mommy. I am also a huge couponer and love to save money every chance I get! This past birthday I turned 30, which got me thinking I really need to start making some healthy changes in my life. I hope you follow me on this journey as well as share some of your tips and deals as well!

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