Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Weigh In 7/21/10

This is the first weigh in I have had in 4 weeks! The last weigh in was on June 23rd. Many things have kept me busy, which I knew they would, so I didn't post on this site, nor did I really worry about my diet or exercise. I took a short break, which ended up being a month, and I am ready to start again! Though I was not worrying about my diet so much, I didn't go and eat anything and everything in site! But I did not  count any calories at all and there were many fast food trips and a couple of grill outs that I attended. There have been many sno cones and Ice creams bought and I haven't cooked the healthiest of dinners lately. I haven't took my daily walk/jog in a month either! My body has been craving it, but I just never made myself do it. I haven't been very active at all and found myself feeling very sluggish this month. I think I have sabotaged everything I have accomplished, but I could not bring myself to get on the scale to check!

I knew a few days ago that today would be the day that I start back on my calorie counting and walking, and I have been scared to know the damage I have done from taking a month off. I started my journey May 11th at 189.6 lbs and as my last weigh in on June 23rd, I weighed 177.2, having me lose 12.5 lbs.  That was the most success I have had in any of my weightloss attempts in the past. I had set a mini goal to be 179lbs by July 12th and I had reached it in June.

I was so nervous this morning for the weigh in. Giving my past history of dieting and then stopping I figured I would have gained it back, or at the very least be in the 180's again. But I took a deep breath and got on the scale this morning to find this:

I only gained  0.4 lbs in a month! I am still within my mini goal! I haven't sabotaged myself at all!
It is such a relief and I am so excited to be starting again without having to lose pounds that I put back on.

I really don't understand it, Maybe whatever I was doing before kicked my metabolism into  gear and allowed me to burn what I was eating the way its supposed to. The only thing I continued to do during my break, was drink a 16.9oz bottle of the Lipton Diet Sparkling Green Tea everyday. So whether that had a little part in my metabolism I don't know. I'm just very happy! 

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