Friday, June 4, 2010

$0.99 Red Grapes! Great deal, healthy snack!

Grapes can be very expensive, but I have been noticing they have been going on sale more often! They make a great snack and are very healthy! Not to mention in these hot months ahead they would make a wonderful treat frozen!

If you have a Food Lion or Bloom nearby, they both have Red Seedless Grapes on sale for $0.99lb!
One of my local stores, Cooke's, has the Green seedless grapes on sale for $0.99lb!

All of these sales ads run til 6/8 so you have time to stop in and grab some!
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I am a stay at home Wife and Mommy. I am also a huge couponer and love to save money every chance I get! This past birthday I turned 30, which got me thinking I really need to start making some healthy changes in my life. I hope you follow me on this journey as well as share some of your tips and deals as well!

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