Friday, June 18, 2010

My Journal Entry 6/17/10 Thursday

I knew before I went to bed last night, that today would be dedicated to cleaning my whole house! That  is exactly what I did! Hubby went to work and I got started! But first I had a bowl of cereal.

1 Serving Kellogg's Chocolate Little Bites Mini Wheats
1/2 Cup Almond Breeze Almondmilk
Total Calories -  245
Total Fat        -   3.3g
Total Carbs    -   53g
Total Fiber     -   6.5g
Total Protein  -   5.5g

I got so much done today! The sheets are clean, All the laundry in the house is done. Just waiting on the last load to dry to put away. Dishes are all done all the floors have been swept, vacuumed or mopped. I vacuumed out the couches and under them, dusted everything! Organized our closet and my desk is also organized! The only thing left is Lilly's room and my car. Those are two very big things to tackle! I'm sure she won't mind helping mommy with her room when she gets back from her dad's tomorrow ;)

I didn't stop to eat while I was cleaning. I should have, but my appetite just wasn't there. I had a Lipton Sparkling Green Tea Berry that I drank on the whole time I was cleaning though.

Lipton Sparkling Green Tea Berry 16.9oz
Total Calories -  130
Total Fat        -     0g
Total Carbs    -   34g
Total Fiber     -     0g
Total Protein  -     0g

When I was finally ready to eat something, I just felt like something light. I made a vegetable plate and had a tuna pouch and 100 calorie cheese pack. I didn't eat half of the tuna or carrots.

1/2 Chunk Light Tuna Pouch, 100 Calorie Cheese, various veggies
Total Calories -  191
Total Fat        -    8.5g
Total Carbs    -    8.5g
Total Fiber     -    1.5g
Total Protein  -     17g

That about does it for today! I am really wanting to get my eating back on track. I just can't get my appetite back up. Nothing sounds good to me and I just don't feel hungry. Don't know what I'm going to do.

Today's Totals
Total Calories -  566
Total Fat        -   12g
Total Carbs    -   95g
Total Fiber     -     8g
Total Protein  -  22.5g

Activities - 8 hours straight of Household chores! Not sure how many calories, but probably way more than I ate!

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