Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Journal Entry 6/15/10 Tuesday

I had a rough night last night! Fever and chills, aches and pains. I have been taking Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer every 6 hours, but the symptoms keep coming back about every 4 hours.

During one of the times the medicine was working, I fixed a sandwich.

Turkey Sandwich on Low Carb Bread
Total Calories    155
Total Fat              5g
Total Carbs     11.5g
Total Fiber           6g
Total Protein      8.5g

I got to really wanting some fruit juice, so I sent hubby out for some apple Juice.

16 oz apple juice
Total Calories   220
Total Fat          0g
Total Carbs    56g
Total Fiber        0g
Total Protein      0g

I headed out to get the new releases at the video store and while I was out was feeling nauseous. So I went and got a Large Sierra Mist to calm it.

Large Sierra Mist
Total Calories   375
Total Fat           0g
Total Carbs     93g
Total Fiber        0g
Total Protein      0g

Most of my calories are coming from beverages, I am just trying  to stay hydrated and lose this yucky Feeling!
I need to eat something, just not quite sure what I can handle and feel like eating right now.

So I thought about it, and thought really hard too! The only thing I felt like eating was fried chicken! How Crazy is that? I thought of lots of things and Fried chicken it was! I had Hubby go to Bojangles and get me a Chicken Breast meal. I didn't eat the biscuit and only nibbled at half the fries. I should feel bad but I was still within my calories for the day! I actually thought this would be worse than it was. I used Caloriecount.about.com to get the totals.

Bojangles Chicken Breast and half order small Fries
(No Biscuit!)
Total Calories   453
Total Fat           26.5g
Total Carbs         32g
Total Fiber            3g
Total Protein       20.5g

I had to go to bed early because my symptoms started coming back!

Today's Totals
Total Calories     1203
Total Fat            31.5g
Total Carbs       192.5g
Total Fiber            9g
Total Protein        29g

Total Activities- No Activites. In Bed sick most of the day

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