Friday, June 11, 2010

My Journal Entry 6/10/10 Thursday

My daughter still isn't feeling well. Her fever comes and goes. So keeping her medicated and hydrated all while trying to get my bills that I need to pay gathered has been a task. For breakfast I nibbled on some trail mix. It was very good, but I never understand why it is so high in calories for just a little bit!

3oz Emerald Tropical Trail Mix
Total Calories - 390
Total Fat -          21g
Total Carbs -      51g
Total Fiber -         1g
Total Protein -      6g

Today was bill day, so I was out running errands and such. The kids wanted a burger so I thought of Sonic's dollar menu. It was also happy hour so It was nice to get a diet cherry limeade for $1. I chose a Grilled Chicken sandwich on wheat bun no Mayo.

Sonic Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Total Calories - 320
Total Fat -          15g
Total Carbs -      32g
Total Fiber -         3g
Total Protein -    28g

Other than errands it was a pretty lazy day. It rained and stormed for the most part and I never made it outside to walk. For Dinner hubby suggested we go to Applebee's. I got to try one of their under 550 Calorie meals. I chose the Asiago Peppercorn Steak with Red Potatoes and seasonal Vegtables. Water to drink.

Applebee's Asiago Steak meal
Total Calories - 390
Total Fat       -    14g
Total Carbs   -     26g
Total Fiber    -      5g
Total Protein  -    43g

I was surprised that this meal is only calculated at 390 Calories. It was really good and filling!

Today's Totals
Total Calories  - 1100
Total Fat    -          50g
Total Carbs   -      109g
Total Fiber    -         9g
Total Protein  -      77g

Just ordered HBO today to get ready for the True Blood Season 3 premiere.  Going to settle in and watch The Hangover!
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