Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Journal Entry 6/12/10 Saturday

I was actually hungry when I woke up this morning! So I fixed some Southwestern Egg Beaters, 3 Pieces of Turkey Bacon and Whole wheat toast with Peach jelly.

Eggs, Bacon and Toast w/ Peach Jelly
Total Calories 240
Total Fat            9g
Total Carbs      20g
Total Fiber         3g
Total Protein     18g

Then later for a snack I had some fruit, Strawberries and Bananas! I ate some before I remembered to take a picture!

3 Strawberries and 1 Banana
Total Calories 123
Total Fat            0g
Total Carbs      30g
Total Fiber         4g
Total Protein      1g

It's been a pretty lazy day today. I had a nap and then a snack before I decided to take a jog at Fletcher's Park. I had some Chili Lime Skinless Almonds

27 Almonds
Total Calories 170
Total Fat         15g
Total Carbs       6g
Total Fiber        3g
Total Protein     6g

I walked/jogged for 2 miles today, I did more jogging than walking! I'm getting so much better at going longer distances! Burning an estimated 216 Calories in 30 minutes!

I had planned to maybe take a trip to Chattanooga and stop by Publix and a few other places, but never got around to it.
When I got home I fixed me some dinner, I chose a Lean Cuisine Flatbread melt. The Steak one. I was not impressed. In fact I didn't like it at all. But the frugal side of me won't waste food. So I ate it anyway.
The taste of it was weird and the Bread was very plain. I think the cheese was weird or old or something? If I had to describe the taste, I would say that if you have ever experienced a milk product going sour on your stomach, and the taste that it leaves in your mouth, that's what the sauce and cheese of this tastes like!
The picture on the box is very deceptive though. I have another one in the freezer that is chicken so I'm not expecting much from it either! I hate that 350 calories was spent on THAT but I'm not feeling hungry now so I guess its ok.

Lean Cuisine Steak Flatbread Melt
Total Calories  350
Total Fat            9g
Total Carbs      46g
Total Fiber         4g
Total Protein     22g

After that I had another snack of fruit. This time it was Apples and strawberries.

4 Strawberries and 1 Medium Apple
Total Calories  106
Total Fat            0g
Total Carbs      22g
Total Fiber         3g
Total Protein     18g

I had a much better day today when it came to eating when I was supposed to, and I got some activity in even though I felt very sluggish today! I'm happy about my total fiber intake for the day as well. Hoping I can keep it up! 4 days til weigh in day!

Today's Totals
Total Calories  989
Total Fat           33g
Total Carbs      124g
Total Fiber         17g
Total Protein      65g

Total Activities- Jogged/Walked 30 minutes - 216 Calories Burned total in activities

Off to settle in and watch some TV. True Blood Tomorrow night!
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