Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Journal Entry 6/13/10 Sunday

Today was a productive day, got a lot of errands done. Woke up at 10:30 this morning to start my day. Wasn't feeling hungry but knew I had to eat, so I got a bowl of cereal and half a banana. I couldn't finish it though. I probably ate 2/3 of it.

2/3 Cup Fiber One Cereal w/ 1/2cup milk and 1/2 a Banana
Total Calories    230
Total Fat             2g
Total Carbs       46g
Total Fiber      10.5g
Total Protein        8g

After breakfast, I got my coupons together to make a trip to a couple grocery stores. I also needed to go to Sam's Club to buy something I am supposed to do a review on for my other site. While I was out I needed some lunch. I didn't really think it through before I left the house or I would have packed a snack or something.  But at Publix I decided on getting some Sushi. I got the California Roll with Brown Rice. It was great!

12 Piece California Roll w/ Brown Rice

Total Calories     420
Total Fat           13g
Total Carbs       59g
Total Fiber          6g
Total Protein      18g

I came home to put the groceries away and change to get ready to go on my jog! I was looking forward to it all day! I went to Fletcher's Park again and jogged most of the time. It was very hot! It was about 2 miles and took about 30 minutes. Burning 216 Calories again today.

I came home and started on dinner. I was going to grill some Veggie and Chicken skewers, but could not get my grill to light! So I ended up cooking them in the oven. They turned out ok, but would have been SO much better on the grill!
4 Chicken and Veggie Skewers
Total Calories  176
Total Fat           6g
Total Carbs       21g
Total Fiber          4g
Total Protein      10g

There was a coupon in our Red Plum today to get a FREE Limeade or Frutista Margarita Freeze from Taco Bell. Hubby suggested we go get one after dinner. I thought about it and I was within my calories so I thought I might get one. But went against it. I wish they had a diet version. I just don't want to waste calories on a beverage.

Later, I did grab a snack. I got Whole Grain Cheez-its today for $1.50 a box so I grabbed a serving size to snack on while I watched True Blood!

27 Whole Grain Cheez-It Crackers
Total Calories   150
Total Fat          8g
Total Carbs     17g
Total Fiber        1g
Total Protein      3g

Today's Totals
Total Calories     976
Total Fat             29g
Total Carbs       143g
Total Fiber        21.5g
Total Protein        39g

Total Activity- Jogged off and on for 30 minutes. 216 calories burned in activities today.

Now off to watch some Army Wives!

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