Friday, June 4, 2010

My Journal Entry 6/4/10 Friday

It's a new day. I'm feeling kind of tired, couldn't make it to sleep until almost 4am! My daughter is with her dad today so I plan on walking/Jogging my 3 or 4 miles at the Greenway later! Then it's off to my parents house for Friday Dinner.

I am never hungry in the mornings. I have started to make myself eat something because I know its not good to skip! Sometimes its hard though and this was one of those mornings! I started the morning with:    

1 Cup FiberOne Honey Clusters Cereal
1/2 Cup Skim Milk
Total Calories - 200
Total Fat  -         1.5
Total Carbs -      48
Total Fiber -       13
Total Protein -    9

Before I headed out for my Walk I had a snack!

20 Green Grapes
Total Calories - 55
Total Fat -         0
Total Carbs -    14
Total Fiber -      .5
Total Protein -   .5

 I walked for 3 miles today at the Greenway. Took 50 Minutes to do. So I walked 3.5mph pretty much the whole time! Burning a total of 264 Calories!

After my walk and cool down, I went to pick up the to-go order from Logan's and headed to my mom's to enjoy a late lunch! But I Behaved! I didn't eat any rolls, and I didn't use the dill oil that they give!

Logan's Grilled Salmon (lunch portion)
Vegetable Skewer
Side Salad w/fat free vinaigrette
Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade
Total Calories - 518
Total Fat -          18g
Total Carbs -      41g
Total Fiber -         5g
Total Protein -     41g

 Then at home for dinner I fixed:

1 Lean Cuisine Baja Style Chicken Quesadilla 
Total Calories - 280
Total Fat -          8g
Total Carbs -     34g
Total Fiber -        8g

Total Protein -   18g

 And a snack after dinner was:

1/2 cup Dole Frozen Berries
Total Calories - 35
Total Fat -         0g
Total Carbs -   8.5g
Total Fiber -    2.5g

So today was kind of a blah day. On the internet most of it! I got my exercise in though! I also stayed within my calories. I am actually supposed to eat 1300 calories a day so I may grab something light before bed! I will update this entry in the morning if I do! 

 Edit: Ok I did have a snack before bed. It was Turkey Lettuce Roll Ups!

5 Turkey Lettuce Roll Ups
Total Calories - 90
Total Fat -        1.5g
Total Carbs -     7g
Total Fiber -      3g
Total Protein -   9g

Today's Totals 
Calories total -      1143
Fat  total -             29g
Carbs total -         152g
Fiber total -              32g
Protein total -           77g

Activites - Walked 3.5mph for 3 miles (50 Minutes)
Calories burned in Activities - 264

Good night!
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