Monday, June 7, 2010

My Journal Entry 6/7/10 Monday

I have had very little sleep. I don't know why but I just could not manage to fall asleep for long last night. I also had to wake up earlier to go to the bank. When I got back I went back to sleep for a little bit but I know I will need a nap later.

I have my daughter today so I really doubt that will happen. I have some other website obligations that I have to tend to tonight after midnight, so I know I wont make it to bed til at least 2am!

Had a very late start in the day and didn't eat breakfast til 2pm!

 Bacon Egg Burrito
 Total Calories - 215
 Total Fat -          11g
 Total Carbs -      12g
 Total Fiber -        7g
 Total Protein -    21g

If you haven't noticed, I have a weird schedule. I am usually in bed by 4am and up by 11:30 am. I usually always manage to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. The reason I keep this schedule, is because during the school year after my daughter is in bed is when I focus on my site and other things I like to do. While she is at school, I am catching up on some sleep. But when she is home and awake I can fit more time doing stuff for her. It just works out better that way for me.

I have NO idea what the day holds for me. I am hoping to get my calories in healthfully and also hoping I will be able to go walking. With daughter in tow, she makes it very hard!

So I had a talk with my daughter about going to walk at a park. She said it would be boring but asked if she could bring her bike and a friend. That's easy enough, so I agreed! I grabbed a FiberOne Chewy Bar and my bottled water and we all went for a walk at Fletcher's Park.

FiberOne Mocha Chewy Bar
Total Calories - 140
Total Fat -           4g
Total Carbs -      29g
Total Fiber -        9g
Total Protein -     2g

Fletcher's Park isn't very long but it is a scenic type trail with slight hills and things. I'm used to walking a pretty straight path. We went in a couple of the loops and I believe to have walked/Jogged a distance of about 2 miles. I am pretty proud of myself because I was able to jog for pretty long distances with the girls on the bike in front. I kept up with their  pace and when they stopped to look at different things, I didn't even feel winded. I'm must be getting more in shape!

We had to make a stop into CVS to use my Extra Care Bucks before they expired. We needed cat litter so that coupon came in handy! My daughter also found her some really cute flip flops for $2.99!
She is a bit of a shoe freak. I'm not sure where she got that from. I buy shoes every couple of years if I HAVE to!

When we got home I started on some housework and making plans for dinner. I decided on Chicken Tacos for the family and Chicken Wraps on Low Carb tortillas for me! They included Chicken, Black Beans, Salsa, Tomato and Onion and very little shred cheese. I did the best estimation of calories that I could but should be pretty close.

 Chicken Taco Wraps
Total Caloreis -  450
Total Fat -          15g
Total Carbs -       50g
Total Fiber -        17g
Total Protein -     24g

 Today's Totals
Calories Total - 805
Fat Total -          31g
Carbs Total -      91g
Fiber Total -       33g
Protein Total -    47g

Activites - 10 minutes of jogging - 90 calories
              - 20 minutes of walking -  110 calories
Total Calories burned in activities 200

For the rest of the night, I have a grocery ad to post for my other site and when it gets quiet around here I am going to settle in and watch the season premiere of Secret Life of the American Teenager!
Good night everyone!
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